teacher gift

I like to be clever when giving teacher gifts. The past two years I have been in a creative rut and gift cards have been the gift of choice. I admit I like the convenience. I was heading down the visa gift card convenience path this year when inspiration hit.

I’ve been collecting $5 Target gift cards over the past few weeks, you know – the ones you get at checkout for buying certain products? I usually forget to use them and often misplace them. I rummaged through my purse, the car console and the paperwork bin to locate them. Next I shopped my craft bins to gather the supplies for the project I had in mind. I needed a length of jute rope, a hole punch, scissors, ribbon and red card stock – all things I had on hand.

teacher gift

This project is pretty self-explanatory…

  • Punch a hole in the gift cards – be careful not to punch out a magnetic strip or important information
  • Cut a length of ribbon and loop through the hole
  • Lay jute over ribbon before tying bow (top right picture) to attach to garland
  • Trace gift card shape/size onto card stock, cut out, add message then attach to garland as described above

teacher giftI try to be a pun-ny girl so I added the message, “Thank you for keeping me on TARGET! Merry Christmas!” I think it turned out pretty cute. I still gave gift card(s) but I also gave a little bit of myself to show appreciation. The other cool thing is I really didn’t spend anything out of pocket to create this gift because I got the gift cards for purchasing items I already use in my home.

I folded the garland up with the message on top and inserted into a red envelope. I was happy to see her delight as she opened the gift from my son. The picture is blurry but the memory is not.