Have you ever been fixin’ to do something? That is a popular phrase here in the south. I heard someone define it as halfway between thinking about something and actually doing it. Back in 2008 I was fixin’ to start a blog. I finally got around to it (another popular southern phrase) and launched Southern Fried Dreams (now known as Southern Fried Gal).

My life journey made a sharp turn in  a new direction a few months prior to that launch. It was one I never thought I would take. I found myself mired in change and uncertainty. I needed a way to connect with others. I needed a creative outlet. Blogging was a godsend.

I had a lot of fun with Southern Fried Gal until I didn’t. I lost my groove somewhere along the way. After a considerate amount of time spent fixin’ to, I retired Southern Fried Gal and launched Uncommonly Connected late 2014. It was exciting. I was back in a groove, well for a few days at least.

Life dealt me a stinger on Christmas night that once again rerouted my journey. It sent me straight back to fixin’ to.

Fast forward to the end of August. I attended the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference (thanks to help from my friends at Only in Arkansas). As is always the case I came away inspired. This time I didn’t want to fall back into my usual habit of fixin’ to. Instead of getting lost in thinking and planning and dreaming, I needed to take action. But what action?

Reflecting on both the conference and my tenure as a blogger, I find it no coincidence that the conference began exactly seven years to the day of the launch of Southern Fried Gal. In my very first post in 2008 I wondered how many times I had squandered away my dreams because I was fixin’ to do something. I cringe each time I read that statement.

I also find it no coincidence that I’m in the middle of another life detour. The challenges are completely different. The feelings of uncertainty, the need for a creative outlet and a strong desire to connect are the same. I once again feel a kinship with Southern Fried Gal.

I was tempted to bring her back – or at least a new version of her. I even went so far as to buy a new domain and to start setting up the new blog. As I was fixin’ to draft the about page, I perused what I had written for Uncommonly Connected. In that moment I had clarity. The vision still resonated. I didn’t need to start from scratch. I simply needed to get up, dust myself off and continue moving forward.

And with the publishing of this post, I’m no longer fixin’ to.

Connect the Dots: What have you been fixin’ to do for far too long?