It’s the most wonderful time of the year and for me that means time to dress up my front door for Christmas! If you were to drive by my door today you would think a tornado had hit my home. There are empty pots, buckets of trees and boxes of lights everywhere, oh my! While I’m wrapping up this year’s Christmas door decorations, I wanted to share the last 7 years of creative Christmas door ideas. Whether you like big and full of bling or simple and elegant, I think you’ll find inspiration to meet your style and budget.

creative christmas door ideas

2008 Christmas Door
In the Beginning there was Bling

Decorating my door has always been one of my things. In 2008 I had a minute of blogging fame when a popular blogger shared my very blingy door decorations. This was back before the deco-mesh was widely available. I started off small by purchasing mesh, ribbon and a few large ornaments. Here’s the tutorial for how I work with the mesh to create this look.

creative christmas door ideas

2009 Christmas Door
Followed by a Little more Bling

Because I loved the look of my 2008 door, I hit the after-Christmas clearance sales to buy more large ornaments and ribbons. In 2009 I built on the look from the previous year to make the garland fuller with even more bling. The topiaries got a fuller look as well.

creative christmas door ideas

2010 Christmas Door
From Bling to Burlap

In 2010 I (like many other bloggers) was obsessed with burlap. I got the brainy idea to use strips of burlap like I used the mesh in the past.  I cut my burlap into 18 inch strips. It’s easy to cut a straight line with burlap by removing the thread across the fabric where you want to cut. Then use that as your guide! I followed my normal routine for adding mesh to the door using the burlap instead. Finally I layered in ribbon and ornaments to finish off the look.

creative christmas door ideas

2011 Christmas Door
Going Natural

In 2011 I was in simplify mode. I was tired of carting out bucket after bucket of Christmas decorations. On a visit to a local nursery I found these bushes on deep clearance and the inspiration for a more natural Christmas door was born. I simply wrapped the juniper in burlap, dropped the spruce into metal buckets, added lights then finished the look off with lanterns and a simple wreath.

creative christmas door ideas

2012 Christmas Door
Simple with a Touch of Whimsy

I LOVED having the live trees at the door. Sadly the ones I purchases the prior year did not survive the summer. I once again grabbed a couple of trees on deep clearance, dropped them into the metal buckets and wrapped in lights. The lanterns have a permanent home on the porch. This year I was feeling whimsical and that came out in the rest of the door decor. The red balls are actually metal bird feeders. Using a sharpie I embellished a simple burlap bag with the word JOY. Simple and whimsical. For more details on this look, visit this post.

creative christmas door ideas

2013 Christmas Door
Unexpected Twist

In 2013 I missed the clearance sales at the nursery but caught these cute metal trees on sale at a local boutique. I added a floodlight in the yard to accent them and the very simple wreath made of red burlap and burlap ribbon with red birds. Simple and unexpected.

creative christmas door ideas

2014 Christmas Door
Pine Cones and Red Berries

While the metal trees were darling, I still LOVE live greenery around the door. I found these cute juniper topiaries (on clearance, of course) in 2014 along with a few holly bushes. I dropped them into pots/buckets and draped in lights to frame the door. I created the garland with clippings from our Christmas tree and the yard , fake red berries and an adorable plaid burlap ribbon. Does the wreath look familiar? It’s a re-use from 2011. I stripped it down to the grapevine and vines then added greenery and pine cones.

That’s a look down memory lane at my creative Christmas door ideas. This year’s door is in progress. I will be posting the finished product in the next few days.

Connect the Dots: Do you prefer natural or bling in your Christmas decor?