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valentine planner

Welcome to Day 2 of the Valentine Planner for busy moms. Yesterday we made our plans. Today we put those plans into action. This is the only Saturday between now and classroom parties. Try to get as much done as possible today. You will thank yourself later. Consider getting all your shopping completed today.

My day started with a quick trip to Walmart to pick up more Ghirardelli chocolates and crafting supplies for the projects on my list. After trying several of the Valentine selections, I have to say the Valentine’s Impressions with the white chocolate are my favorite both for crafting  (more on that later) and for taste. They melt in your mouth. My mom tried them today and kept going on about how creamy and delicious they are. Today I picked up the Dark & Strawberry squares. OH. EM. GEE. They are divine. I’m not a big fan of fruit and chocolate so I was delightfully surprised.


If you are like me and have trouble with self-control, you may want to ration a couple out for yourself then seal the remaining chocolates up in cute baggies to be used as teacher gifts, classroom favors, etc. It doesn’t take long to put these treats together and who doesn’t like getting a yummy treat in a cute little package?

Walmart had lots of bag options. Today I picked up 10 zipper bags for $1.47. They came with a a folded cardboard topper. I guess you are supposed to staple them on? I put a glitter sticker over the staple. I’m going to be honest – these are NOT my favorite bags because they require more effort than I wanted to put in AND I’m not that fond of how they turned out.

On the flip side, I also got 8 treat bags with chalkboard labels for $1.47. I LOVE these and they are perfect for individual Ghirardelli treats. PLUS I’m a sucker for anything with a chalkboard. These would be cute for older elementary girls to use as Valentine’s and/or classroom favors. I’m planning to hand mine out to friends. I’ve already given one to my mom and another to my bestie.

valentine planner

The crocodile box is super cute. I’m equally fond of the other boxes…

Today is a great day to get the kiddos started on Valentine boxes. I ran into a mom at Walmart purchasing supplies for her two young girls. She was SUPER excited to find pre-made boxes for $1 each. Her girls were excited to pick their own stickers to personalize the boxes. Everyone was smiling from ear-to-ear including me. This mom gets it. Even though I made that one really cool Valentine box, the rest of the years I pushed the easy button. I have fond memories from every year because it wasn’t about me. It was about us and the memories we made together.

That pretty much sums up my day of activity. I feel pretty good about the progress made. There are a few more crafty projects that I plan to work on later today. I also plan to make a new recipe combining Ghirardelli and the Josh Cellars. I’ll share the results and a few more ideas later this week.

So how did your day of Getting It Started go? Please share by leaving a comment.

p.s. Ghirardelli Chocolate and Josh Cellars have gifted me with a $75 American Express Gift Card to be given away during this campaign. There will be multiple ways to enter for a chance to win. Details coming soon.


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