This series is sponsored by Ghirardelli Chocolate and Josh Cellars. I’m delighted to share my original opinions and ideas as part of their #asweetpairing campaign.

valentine planner

It’s Day 3 of the Valentine Planner (for busy moms) series. Today’s theme is Relax and Refresh. As a fellow busy mom it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to take a moment to rest.

Because we are wired to take care of others we make the mistake of putting other people’s needs above our own. We act as if we are super humans. In a recent message my pastor shared that “unwillingness to rest is a sign of insecurity.” Ouch! That’s why today I’m challenging you to relax. All the stuff will still be there tomorrow and you will be refreshed and ready to tackle them.

valentine planner

Today is also a good day for refreshment. It’s Super Bowl Sunday so we will have plenty of opportunities to partake in yummy treats. Tonight I will be trying a few new pairings of Josh Cellars Pinot Noir and Ghirardelli Chocolates.

valentine planner

I may also whip up a batch of fancy cupcakes. And by whip up I mean pick up some cupcakes at the store, put them on a pretty serving platter and top them with chocolate squares.

valentine planner

Finally, since we are on the topic, another area of my life that needs refreshment that I (more often than I care to admit) neglect is my spirit. Our church has challenged us to read the Bible in a Year this year. I know. That sounds intimidating, right? But they have an app for that! Seriously, I’m using the YouVersion app on my phone. Not only are the daily readings planned out, the app will also read them to you!

If your spirit is in need of refreshment, I highly recommend downloading this app and getting started today. You don’t have to backtrack and play catch up. Just start where the reading plan is today. And if you are like me and miss a day or six, it’s OK. Practice grace. Just pick up on the current day and carry on.

So that’s it for Day 3. I hope you will make time to relax and refresh today. And while you are at it, why not make it a weekly habit?

p.s. Who are you cheering for? I’m a Manning fan all the way. Go Broncos.


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