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We are halfway through our 10 day Valentine planner. Day 5 is all about the sanity check. We have only three nights to make sure the kiddos are ready for classroom parties. Every teacher does things differently so make sure you take a few minutes tonight to make sure know what is expected.

valentine planner

Valentines: Depending on the age of your children, they may only need to write his/her name on the Valentine. Older kids will most likely need to write recipients names so make sure you have the list handy. Don’t wait until Thursday night to find out you don’t have it. If you have time tonight, go ahead and get the kids started on the Valentine’s. Divide them up into two or three lists and do a little each evening. I remember coaching my son through hand cramps (he’s a little dramatic at times) because we waited until the very last minute the night before. Trust me on this one – the earlier you start the better.

valentine planner

Treats & Favors: Are you allowed to send classroom favors in addition to Valentines? Are there any allergies in the classroom that you need to be aware of? Are there any restrictions on the type of treats that can be sent? Do you need to send money to cover classroom parties? Or do you need to send food or party supplies?

When my son was in elementary school we could not send homemade treats. They had to be store bought. I still wanted to add personal touches so I would add embellishments to make them a little more personal. For example, these Ghirardelli Impressions are so cute on top of plain cupcakes and extra tasty, too.

valentine planner

Teacher Gifts: Are you the teacher gift giving kind of mom?  I liked the idea of gifting teachers and try to do so as often as possible. Some parents send extravagant gifts. I’m not one of those moms. I come from the camp of “it’s the thought that counts.”  I like to send fun little treats. If that’s not your thing that’s cool, too. You have to do what works for you . No judgement zone here.

I played around with the Ghiradelli chocolates and various ways to use them as teacher gifts. On the left I bought a bag of 12 foam hearts for $1. I cut a heart the size of the impressions out of one foam heart. Using double-sided tape I positioned the impression heart in the cutout then secured to another heart. They make cute little pockets of yumminess. On a whim I added a lollipop stick and tied a bow. Isn’t that adorable? I can envision a one or a few of these in a cute little pot.

On the top right, starting with a wooden heart door hanging purchased for $1, I secured alternating white and dark impressions to the wooden hearts using double-sided tape. This makes a tasty and cute gift that is easy on the budget and busy mom’s schedule.

On the bottom right, I found this 3-pack of bags also for $1. Simply fill them up with a variety of chocolates, add a sweet note and you are done.

I saw several posts today on Facebook and Instagram about the stress of preparing for Valentine classroom parties. The posts are mostly funny but when I stop and think about all the pressure we put on ourselves as moms it makes me sad. These are a few tips and ideas that have worked for me over the years.

What other tips would you share with busy moms?


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