The gals over at Arkansas Women Bloggers temporarily lost their minds and invited me to serve as blogger of the month. I’m excited about the opportunity. I don’t take time to post as much as I used to because life is busy.

Ferris Bueller wasn’t just whistling Dixie when he said, “Life moves pretty fast.”  Serving as blogger of the month forces me practice the more important part of Ferris’ sentiment, “If you don’t stop and look around for a while, your could miss it.”

It may seem counter intuitive that taking on more to-do’s would be equated to stopping and looking around, but he didn’t say stop and do nothing. His day was filled with activity, taking risks and enjoying the world through a different lens. I enjoy taking time to stop and look around my world with creative eyes, to pull together my thoughts into a post and to share hoping it connects with others. Thanks to the opportunity to serve as blogger of the month, I won’t be missing it – at least for the month of May.

What’s something you enjoy doing but have been missing out on lately?