Hi! Welcome to Uncommonly Connected! My name is Carmella and this is my little corner of the digital world.

uncommonly connected

A Little About this Site…

The vision for Uncommonly Connected is to provide a little knockabout place to bring together PEOPLE and IDEAS* – no matter how disparate they may be.

Humans are wired to CONNECT with one another. I know firsthand the loneliness of feeling isolated or disconnected. I hope you’ll find a place of comfort and friendship here at Uncommonly Connected. While connecting digitally is not the same as connecting in person, I have found solace from life stories shared by complete strangers during some of my lowest moments. It’s comforting to feel connected to others by shared experience. Some of my best in person friendships were born from digital connections – how cool is that?!

I come from a long line of STORYTELLERS.  To say we are a family with the gift of gab is a severe understatement. I find with each passing year our stories become more distant in our memories and some of the details fade away. Uncommonly Connected is a place to capture and share stories – both mine and yours!

Another common thread on this site is to share tips for CREATIVE and SIMPLE living. My ADHD demands simplicity in living and doesn’t allow me to focus on a single project for too long. I’m drawn to the unusual whether that be the new and innovative or a clever twist on a classic. Most of the ideas and tips shared here are quick, easy and cost-effective with plenty of WOW factor. Do you have a tip or project you want to share with my readers? Please drop me a line and let me know!

Finally, my hope is to inspire us all to DREAM BIG and then take the next step to put action to those dreams to make them reality. I am blessed to be connected to MANY friends and family living out their dreams. This is a place to share their stories, to celebrate with them and to provide encouragement to us all.

A Little About Me…

If I had to sum myself up in three words I would choose chatty, creative and conscientious.

I have eclectic style and interests. Over the years I have come to accept and love my knack for connecting the not-so-obvious dots of life. It is a gift that serves me well in both my professional and personal life.

My day gig is partnering with clients to help improve their marketing effectiveness. You can find me sharing my experiences and opinions at Acxiom Perspectives.

My full time gig is raising my young man. He’s 11 going on 30. I have my hands full! Can I get a witness?

I enjoy laughing with friends, exploring my beautiful, natural state (and others), exercising my creative muscle and connecting with others (like you).

Thanks for stopping over for a visit. I hope you will come back often to enjoy the shenanigans and that you will find value in the uncommon connections.


*The tagline for this site was inspired by a line in the 1991 movie, Fried Green Tomatoes.