10 Day Valentine Planner {for busy moms}

This series is sponsored by Ghirardelli Chocolate and Josh Cellars. I’m delighted to share my original opinions and ideas as part of their #asweetpairing campaign.

Today I’m kicking off a 10 Day Valentine Planner series. The inspiration for this series is to help busy moms plan and organize the plethora of activities for Valentine’s Day, to reduce some of the […]

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Coca-Cola: An American Original {Clinton Presidential Center}

I’m excited to serve as a social ambassador for the Clinton Presidential Center for the year of 2016. As an ambassador I get to share news about the fun family events and educational exhibits hosted at the center. This post is sponsored by the center. I only share content I find interesting and/or of value to […]

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Peaks and Valleys

This has not been one of my favorite years. It seems I’ve spent most of the year in the valley. I have kept my chin up with the promise that valleys coexist with peaks. As I was flying into California a few weeks ago I captured this photo. A sense of peace came over me as I […]

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Fixin’ To

Have you ever been fixin’ to do something? That is a popular phrase here in the south. I heard someone define it as halfway between thinking about something and actually doing it. Back in 2008 I was fixin’ to start a blog. I finally got around to it (another popular southern phrase) and launched Southern Fried […]

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Simon Family Christmas Tree

My sweet friend, Amy Simon, gave me permission to share the story of the 2014 Simon Family Christmas Tree. First of all please know Amy is gifted at making a beautiful and welcoming home. She may not know this but she has inspired me over the years with her home making abilities. Well – she’s still […]

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Saying Goodbye {Southern Fried Gal}

For the past few years my alter ego has been Southern Fried Gal. That ol’ gal served me well in the beginning but as the years have passed my identification with her has waned. For the past year (probably more) I have fretted over whether I should continue as Southern Fried Gal or if I should start […]

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